When Kirk Franklin came on the scene several years ago. He took over the charts with "Silver and Gold" and "Why I Sing". The album really bridged the gap with the new school gospel listeners and the classic gospel lovers.


There was always a gap and Kirk brought everyone together with plenty of great hits over the years including "Stomp" and plenty of other great joints as well. Well after a few years off, he is back with a brand new album and still delivering the same swag that we are used to.


The new album is called "Losing My Religion" and if you are a Kirk Franklin fan then this is the one for you. I have been listening to it since I got it and I have it on my Ipod, cell phone and cd as well. If you do not have it, make sure you go and get it and be looking out for him to be hitting the road soon. Also check out the first video from the album called "Wanna Be Happy" and take a moment from your day to day routine and enjoy some great music.

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