Unfortunately, we are still battling the coronavirus across the country. Some states are doing a better job than others when it comes to vaccination and keeping infection down. Here is the latest Louisiana Department of Heath stats on COVID-19 vaccination data in Calcasieu Parish and across the state. The data is the latest update.

As of Oct. 28 residents who have been fully vaccinated stand at a dismal 38% of the population after more than a year of access to 3 coronavirus vaccines. In SWLA we currently have 27 new cases and no deaths. Statewide 47% are the population is fully vaccinated, there are 1,529 reported COVID-19 cases, 271 hospitalizations( 87% of patients not vaccinated), and 8 new deaths.

To view, the LDH COVID-19 state map click here and see how cases vary from parish to parish. You can also see how your area stacks up to the rest of the state or that matter any state.

Louisiana Coronavirus info - LA Dept. of Health
Louisiana Coronavirus info - LA Dept. of Health

If you would like to get tested or learn the facts about the effects of COVID-19 visit your doctor or a healthcare physician to learn more about the vaccine and decide what is best for you. For more details on where to get the COVID shot or what locations are near you are offering the vaccine, taking walk-ins, or taking appointments click here

It is important to know the facts. For questions or any further concerns regarding the coronavirus, how COVID data is being compiled, or anything else go to http://www.coronavirus.gov.

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