KPLC-TV reports Wednesday July 15, the Lake Charles City Council voted against a resolution to remove the South's Defenders Monument in front of the Calcasieu Courthouse.

The council voted 4-2 against a resolution requesting the Calcasieu Police Jury remove the statue, with council members Mary Morris and Rodney Geyen voting in favor of the resolution.  After the meeting Morris told KPLC, "Everybody wants their family, their children, to know about history and we all want to know about history, but for the African Americans it was a dark time in their history."

No matter what side you're on, it's important to be clear about the history and facts of the American Civil War and the . After all knowledge is power.  Right?  If you're not afraid of the truth, below is a brief history:

The absolute, undeniable, factual and historical truth is, the American Civil War (1861-1865) was mainly over SLAVERY, the outrage of Lincoln being elected President, his intentions to abolish slavery and stop the expansion of slavery.

Southern states of the day wanted to keep their wealth, which was provided by the free labor of slaves through many exports such as the cotton trade (57% of all American exports in 1860), tobacco, indigo, and Sugar Kane plantations just to name a few.  The Southern states economy's were based on the backs of slaves and slave labor.

Louisiana was a "Slave State" and in 1861, aligned with the original  seven Southern states to declare secession from the United States.  The number of Confederate States of America would grow to thirteen (with the inclusion of Missouri and Kentucky.)  The Slave States are represented as white stars on the Flags of the Confederate States.  Even though several flags were used during the war, the most popular is the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag, better known as the Rebel Flag/Confederate Flag.  This flag is most commonly used and of which there is much debate.

So bottom line, American Civil War was over greed, money, slavery and the North's refusal to let Southern states secede in order to preserve the Union.  The Flags of the Confederate States of America represent the beliefs, values, idealism, philosophy and foundation of the Slave States that formed the Confederacy.

In closing, this is my personal view on the whole thing;

There's nothing wrong with having pride in who you are and were you're from.  The South is a unique, complex and exciting place.  There are many traditions here and the people are just as beautiful and diverse as the many cultures that helped form this part of the country. Known for our festivals, food and Southern drawl, we are a people of love and pride.

The Confederate mindset and oppressive behavior from which we came, is not who we are today.  Our brutal history of slavery and human oppression were abolished and outlawed a few hundred years ago.   We should never forget it, yet strive to grow and be better.  So that one day we ALL can truly live the words of our nations Declaration of Independence-

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The truth is, the Rebel Flag/Confederate Flag is a symbol of the sinful and shameful history of which it is was born.  Contrary to the denial and belief of some, it represents hate, racism, greed, segregation, oppression and America's ugly dark past of slavery. Therefore it should not be flown on public and government buildings, as these buildings are for the equal use/occupancy, freedom and liberty of all Americans.

If you choose to fly/display it at your house or personal property, great.  It's your right as an American.  I respect that completely.  In fact, I'd much rather know who people really are anyway.

Finally, if it's "Southern Pride" you genuinely want to display...why not fly your State Flag?

God Bless.

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