Lake Charles scored a winner in the May 18, 2016 drawing of the Louisiana Lottery!  Jerry Simien, 45, came forward last week to claim his $1,512,216 in prize money.  Once Simien takes care of the state and federal taxes, his take home of the Lotto jackpot is going to be $1,058,551.20.  Not to bad!

Of course everyone wants to know what he plans to do with his riches and the answer is rather simple.  Simien said he's going to put the loot in the bank and save it for retirement. Sounds like a plan to me.  Meanwhile the winning ticket was purchased at City Food and Liquor, located at 1130 Broad St, in Lake Charles.  The stores owner, Gurmesh Thind, is ecstatic and he has good reason to be.

Lottery retailers get sales and promotional support, plus earn additional income with cash incentives and selling bonuses.  That's right, Mr. Thind is also going to get paid.  Every state has different Lottery retail benefits, but in Louisiana if a retailer sells a winning ticket they get 1% of the prize money, with the exception of Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots.  So long story short Thind will cash in on a $15,122.16 bonus from Louisiana Lottery, just for selling the winning ticket.  By the way, the bonus is not taken out of the winners payout.  It's paid directly from the Louisiana Lottery Corporation.

Thind told Lottery officials,

“We’re excited for the money and hope to sell more tickets now,” he continued, “People know we sold the ticket so they have been coming in.  Our sales might increase from that; that’s what I’m hoping for."

I have no doubt it will.  I'm going to go me a ticket or two today!  Congrats to both Mr. Simien and Mr. Thind.  For more info on other Lotto winners or how to play and claim a prize, go to  Gambling problem?  Call toll free 1-877-770-7867 for help.