Ever bought lottery tickets and forgotten to check the numbers to see if they hit? It happens all the time. According to CNN Money, billions of dollars go unclaimed in lottery winnings every year! Brett Jacobson runs a lottery app and part of his job is to collect data from every state lottery commission. The lottery expert reported that in a 12-month period there were $2.89 billion in unclaimed lottery cash prizes. Click here for a list of big-money lottery jackpots that are set to expire in the next 90 days.

KPLC News reports that someone purchased a LA Lottery Easy 5 ticket last year for December 1, 2021, drawing in Lake Charles. The ticket was purchased at the Martin Luther King Hwy. Tobacco Plus, it hit the jackpot and is reportedly worth $90,000! So far, no one has claimed the prize! The winning numbers are 10-13-18-23-28.

LA Lottery President, Rose Hudson is looking for the winner because the ticket is going to expire at the end of this month. She told the news, “We look forward to the winner coming to claim this prize. In the meantime, the individual should treat the ticket as cash.” Hudson went on to say that for security purposes, it's also a very good idea to sign the back of the ticket.

Well folks, if you shop at the particular store this kind of money is worth turning your house upside down for. Time is running out! Search in every pocket, drawer, in the car, and anywhere else you might have stashed an old lotto ticket. You never know...you could literally be sitting on top of a jackpot! The ticket holder has until May 30, 2022, at 5 pm CT to claim their prize before the winning ticket expires.

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