What's tha deal with Lil Kim?  If you were wondering why she hasn't released any new music, according to her...she can't.  Like literally.  She recently sat down with MTV to explain, and this is what she had to say

"When I came home from prison in 2006, I was really unhappy with my label so I wanted to get off, and I didn't get released.  I wasn't dropped.  I had to pay them.  So, at the end of the day, it's like that takes time.  For two years, i fought and fought and fought and finally there was a break.  During those two years, I did my Hollywood thing, I mean doing reality shows, 'Dancing With The Stars' and all that good stuff. But in between me doing 'Dancing With The Stars', I struck up another deal.  I did deal with Track Masters, and it didn't work out, but that took another year or two."

Anyone confused?  She explained, but then she didn't really explain.  On the flip side of all of this, Track Masters has a different story.  They are saying they've shelled out thousands of dollars on Lil Kim and have filed suit to get it back.  Get the rest of this story now, press play.

Meanwhile, Bobby Brown was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.  And that ain't good beings that he's already got a DUI conviction on his record.  Listen to Tha Wire to find out what happened.  In other news, the Beverly Hills Hilton where Whitney died is at it's wits end with people trying to get into the room she died in.  They said it's been so bad, that they had to do something a little extreme for all the craziness to stop. Get all the details on what they had to do now.

In even more news, Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan are still going at it.  As previously reported Lindsay is sueing him over on line in his song "Give Me Everything".  According to her suit, when Pitbull rapped "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" it ruined her rep.  Wow, really?  Trust me, I'm not making this stuff up.  LOL!!!!  Press play to get all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire: 


It's been months since the infamous "kiss" between Nicki Minaj and Madonna was reported.  Nicki was the one who broke the news.  She tweeted " OH MY f'ingggg Gahhhh!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!! It felt sooooo good.  Sooooo soft!!!  *passes out* aaahhhh!!!!!

The kiss was in honor of Nicki's birthday and though Nicki tweeted about it, there was never any proof that it went down......til now.



I know you guys probably thought it was a big lip locking episode, but nahh. Anyway, when asked about the kiss later, Madonna said simply "It was her birthday. So just ill in the blanks. It was the end of one of those long days. We were having a few sip of champagne and I kissed her, yes."