Lil Scrappy can't seem to keep himself out of trouble.  For some reason the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star keeps finding himself on the other side of the law.  Find out what happened now.  

Yesterday, Wednesday Aug. 28th, he lived up to his name and got into a fist fight with one of his boys.  According to reports, Scrappy was arrested in Georgia at a gas station at about 2:30 a.m., for getting into a fight with a man he accused of disrespecting his new Boo.  Here's a look at the fight.

The scuffle was broken up by an off-duty cop, who happened to be at the same gas station at the time of the fight.  Once in custody, the Love & Hip Hop star was very cooperative with police and released the following statement about what happened:

"He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me, so I had to lay them paws on him." The reality star's lawyer says there is surveillance video proving that his client was acting in self defense and to defend his girl.


By the way, Scrappy's new Boo is also a reality star.  She's non other than Bambi Johnson from Basketball Wives L.A.


Ironically, Bambi was just kickin it with Scrappy's co-star Benzeno.  She was one of the many women at the cabin, when Kirk decided to have a Minajatwa on national TV.  Bambi was the chick all shacked-up with Benzino that night.