During the holiday season, it's common for most people to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones while they celebrate.

Some celebrities, however, are making sure to take advantage of some of their down time to give back and bring smiles to the faces of their fans. Lil Wayne recently paid a visit to a children's hospital in New Orleans, where he spent some time with patients in the facility.

While walking through the rooms of different children, the rapper came across a huge fan of his named Kiron, who was shot in the back on December 9. Unfortunately, the incident left him paralyzed, as the bullet became lodged in his back. Weezy was able to bring some brightness to his day, as the two spent some time together, and even snapped a photo during his visit.

A rep for the rapper told XXL of the visit, “Wayne visited Children’s Hospital of New Orleans the day after Christmas while he was at home for the holidays. The purpose of the visit wasn’t for any special reason or for publicity. He just had it on his heart to visit these kids in hopes to brighten up their holiday a little more."

It looks like Weezy did just that, as him and Kiron had quite the big smiles on their faces in the photo they took together, which usually isn't something Wayne commonly does. Despite some of the drama he may be dealing with as far as his label, none of that is stopping the rapper from pleasing his fans.

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