There is an old saying when it comes to weather along the Gulf Coast. "You hide from the wind but run from the water." This has never been more true based upon the current situation many parishes in our state find themselves in.

This most recent storm of a tropical nature did not have much wind associated with it. The copious amounts of rainfall generated by the storm are still creating havoc across the state. Yesterday authorities in East Baton Rouge Parish announced that the flood waters had indeed claimed an 11th life.

East Baton Rouge Coroner, Dr. Beau Clark, says the victim was identified as William Borne. Borne was the former CEO and founder of Amedisys. Clark told the Louisiana Radio Network that Borne's body was discovered around 11 AM Tuesday.

The victim was located off of Hoo Soo Too Road in the southeast portion of the parish, that’s where they discovered the body, kind of in a wooded area near his home.

Clark held out a hopeful attitude that the high waters would not be responsible for more deaths, but the possibility of discovery of more victims is a very real possibility.

When we discover them we will be able to update the public and certainly our thoughts and prayers are with these families and with everyone who has lost property or been displaced during these incredible storms.

There are still many areas of high water across the state. Many roadways continue to be flooded and closed to traffic.