Your champagne wishes and caviar dreams are safe for another night. There was no single ticket that matched all the numbers necessary to claim the big money the Powerball lottery game. The multi-state lottery game has not had a big jackpot winner since June of this year and the game's top prize is nearing historic levels.

Here are the winning numbers from September 27, 2021

21   22   39   44   60   Powerball 12  Powerplay x2.

Last night's drawing did produce some big money winners, none of them happened to be in Louisiana. There was a $2 million dollar winner sold in Virginia but that's about all of the six-figure wins from last night.

You might think that the current estimated jackpot total of $570 million would be among the game's highest totals. And you'd be right, the $570 million would certainly put the payout among the game's top ten payouts but it is far from "record" territory.

If you'll just think back to 2016. That was when the entire country was truly swept up in Powerball fever. The jackpot in 2016 reached a historic $1.586 billion back then. The prize was split among three ticket holders, one from Tennessee, one from Florida, and one from California.


Incidentally, the most recent Powerball jackpot winner in Louisiana happened in 2018. So, it's been a while since someone in our state has taken the Powerball's top prize. Although we regularly gett big money winners for some of the smaller prizes.

For example, there have been recent winners in Breaux Bridge, Lake Charles, Kinder, and a few other places in the state. So, having a Louisiana-sold ticket to claim the big money would not be totally outlandish.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Now, there will be a multi-state lottery drawing tonight in the Mega Millions game. I know that paltry $22 million jackpot just doesn't seem as sexy when compared to $570 million but that's still a more than life-changing amount of money.

Incidentally, the world record jackpot for a Mega Millions drawing is just under the record for Powerball. Back in 2018, there was a Mega Millions drawing where a single ticket laid claim to $1.537 billion. So, both games can and often do generate big money winners.

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If you are going to play Mega Millions tonight or Powerball on Wednesday please remember that by rule ticket sales must cease at least one hour prior to the drawing. Since the drawing happens at 9:59 Louisiana time, you'll need to have secured your big money winner by at least 8:59 the night of the drawing. Good Luck.

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