As a parent, the last thing I would want is for my child to be harmed by anyone and of course not myself. That's why waking up to troubling news of a mother who was accused of throwing her 2 kids off of a bridge in Shreveport with one of them pronounced dead is just sad to the highest power.

Ureka Black, 32 was arrested on Friday, September 24at the Texas state line. She was transported to the Shreveport City Jail yesterday, Sunday, Sept.26, and is facing second-degree murder. On Saturday there was a drive-thru birthday party for the child who was found alive who just had a birthday on Thursday, September 23, the day before being thrown into the lake.

While there is currently no update on the child who survived, hopefully, we'll get some good news in the end. I am not here to judge and don't know the conditions that the mother was in. What I do know is there are plenty of adults who are unable to have children and when something like this happens. It really makes for a sad situation and honestly is a slap in the face for those who want children of their own. More details will follow once they are released, but for now, we continue to send our good wishes to the surviving child and their family.


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