I don't care where you are from, be it you've lived here all your life, or just visiting Lake Charles. This city has some really weird street names. I'm not from Louisiana myself, and that is most of my problem I'm sure. Of course, a lot of the street names are French which is why most visitors share the same dialect issues I have.

What's really funny though, is there are a lot of people who were born and raised here that can't say some of these street names either. Now that's hilarious! Even still, who comes up with these street names anyway? Is there some kind of database they choose from? Who is in charge of naming the streets in Lake Charles? I often wonder, because some of the names way out there.

Take a look at the Top 20 Street Names In Lake Charles Most People Mispronounce:

1.) Ardoin Road

2.)  Benoit Road

3.) Burgoyne Street

4.) Calcasieu Avenue

5.) Chartres Drive

6.) Charpentier Road

7.) Chenier Drive

8.) Derouen street

9.) Deshotel Lane

10.) Dietrich Loop

11.) Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive

12.) Hebert Road

13.) Friesen Road

14.) Gauthier Road

15.) Lietchy Road

16.) Opelousas Street

17.) Pithon Street

18.) Sallier Street

19.) Tuilerie Street

20.) Wiencke Street

How many did you pronounce correctly? Do you know of any crazy street names? Feel free to add them in the comments. I know I've missed a few. The names listed above are the one I found the hardest to pronounce, but I am interested what you guys come up with too. By the way, I know I have some Creole folks reading theses names. So if you know how to pronounce any of the street names above, feel free to share the pronunciations in the comments. That way others can learn how to say them properly.

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