Mariah Carey revealed an upcoming surprise collaboration between herself, French Montana and possibly Justin Bieber just last week, and she's already graced us with a few snippets of the song via two behind-the-scenes videos.

Mariah posted two clips to Instagram today (Aug. 5) that show her in the studio with French. In the first, they're listening to "Infinity" and truly enjoying Mariah's own signature vocal runs. At one point in the second video, Mimi walks out of frame -- leaving French to stare glassy-eyed into the camera and lip sync his verse for a second -- only to return with what looks like a conch shell. We're not sure what this has to do with this mysterious song, but maybe it's about the sea? It's hard to tell.

Justin Bieber's role in the collaboration (of which there is no trace in either video) was a surprise for everyone involved. If reports are to be believed (and we're hoping they are), he kind of just showed up to the studio while Mariah and French were in the middle of recording. After expressing his undying love for Mariah, she let Justin listen to the song they were working on and even allowed him to lay down some vocals.

Would you ever approach a recording session the same way Justin did? Do you think it could possibly lead to your somehow being involved with your fave's new music? Or do you think you'd get hit with jail time for trespassing instead?

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