Last year, Master P announced his plans to make a sequel to I Got The Hook-Up, a crime-comedy he starred in back in 1998. Thankfully, he kept that promise, and filming for I Got the Hook-Up 2, a movie that will see him reprising the role he played in the first film, is now well underway. Recently, an official teaser trailer for the film made its way to the internet, revealing an exciting lineup of hilarious talent.

Joining the No Limit Records CEO, who produced the original I Got the Hook-Up, is a cast of hand-picked “lesser known” acts, including the likes of comedian-rapper Fatboy SSE, actor-rapper-media personality DC Young Fly and actor-internet sensation Pio La Ditingancia. This news jibes with TMZ’s previous reports that Master P was looking to cast some newer talent, though comedy luminaries like John Witherspoon, A.J. Johnson and Michael Blackson will also appear in the film.

Also hitting the screen with Master P in the film is Romeo Miller, who is set to executive-produce the new movie. Producers hope the flick will tie together the past and present.

“This movie has bridged the gap of two generations of moviegoers, sending families to the theaters allowing social media stars with real acting talent and Hollywood actors to come together to create one of the most anticipated comedies and making history by changing the way Hollywood films are created and marketed in the 21st century,” reads an official statement from the filmmakers. "The I Got The Hook-Up 2 plot is centered around illegal chip phones and secret white double agents, who were really black."

The teaser trailer for I Got the Hook-Up 2 is one that finds DC and Fatboy SSE quickly devising a plan to give some "illegal chip phones" to their Uncle Black (Master P) so they can help him save his restaurant, which is apparently imperiled in some way. When the trailer jumps from its focus on DC and Fatboy, we see shots of John Witherspoon, Michael Blackson and Master P himself.

The coming of I Got the Hook-Up 2 is just further evidence of Master P's all-around dominance. He embarked on his legendary career as an entertainer-entrepreneur by picking up a mic and taking over the rap game. Over the last 20 years, he's taken expanded his No Limit empire by jumping into movies and myriad other business ventures. The original I Got the Hook-Up was the beginning of his stint in the movie business, and thus far he's done pretty well.

Fans can see Master P's I Got the Hook-Up 2 when it drops next summer. Check out the full teaser below.—Regina Cho

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