Mayor Nic Hunter and his newly formed, Community Advisement and Assessment Board (CAAB,) plan on hosting a series of Community Meetings. Now that he's officially sworn in as the Mayor of Lake Charles, Hunter wants to better understand the needs of the citizens and different communities in the city. One way of doing so, is to host an open forum in each district.

The mayor's new board consists of nine people appointed with identifying ways to unify the community. They include local professionals: Junaid Abbasi, Dr. Robert Arango, Rev. Joseph Banks, Courtnee Brown, Sean Corcoran, Randy Fuerst, Rev. Steve James, Catherine Riggins and Sylvia Stelly.

Mayor Hunter wants to get acquainted with the residents of Lake Charles. Below he talks about his goals, and what he plans to accomplish with the upcoming meetings,

“The Community Advisement and Assessment Board is made up of a diverse group of talented individuals who I’ve asked to provide input on unifying our city, from north to south and east to west.”  Mayor Hunter continued. “The first step to developing a plan for this is to meet with community members from each district so we can develop a better understanding of the strengths of each part of our community, while identifying weaknesses and working together to find ways to overcome them for the betterment of all of Lake Charles.”

The first Community Meeting is this week, with the residents of District A. Please come out, and visit with the cities new mayor. Listen to his plan of action for the city and your community. This is an opportunity for residents to voice their opinions, and speak on concerns in the community as well. So don't miss it, and invite your neighbors to attend. The meeting is open to the public and will take place Thursday, July 13, at 6 p.m. at Riverside Park, located at 1700 Fitzenreiter Road.

This meeting kicks off a series of Community Meetings planned for each district within the City of Lake Charles. For more info about this meeting, or to find out when a meeting will take place in your district call (337) 491-1382.

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