At times we turn a deaf ear to things that don't directly affect us. I try my best to please all of you by straying away from the negative banter and B.S. we get from watching national news channels and social media. 107 Jamz is where you come to hear your favorite music and forget your day-to-day problems. But, on Monday (Sept. 29th.) I reminded myself that God gave me the voice and the ability to not only entertain, but also to uplift everyone who tunes into our station. Lake Charles and SWLA are indeed growing rapidly, but through it all we are still a close knit community and region. Though Lake Charles frustrates me at times, this is home and I love everyone here.

Over the weekend (Sept. 27th), I lost one of my closest of friends who was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road and collided with him at the top of the Ruth Street overpass in Sulphur (KPLCTV). Like his family I am beyond broken, but I refuse to let this avoidable tragedy be forgotten. He didn’t deserve this, and neither does anyone else who’s been taken away from their families due to a drunk driver. Every Friday night when I sign off for the weekend I remind my audience not to drink and drive. At no point during the week should you drink and drive, but we all know Louisiana is known for it’s festivals and parties, many of which take place over the weekend. So I stress even more not to drink and drive when the weekend begins. Please, don’t drink and drive people, it's not worth it. Call a family member, friend, cab, tow truck. Do not get into your vehicle under the influence of anything. Respect the legal drinking limit, which is below .08% for persons 21 or older. .02%  if you’re under 21.  'Don’t drink and drive.'

Rest in peace to one of my closest friends, and probably one of my biggest supporters in my radio and entertainment career, Jeremy Anthony Olivier. He leaves behind his wife, who is expecting their first child, and family and friends who cherished the kind and loving man he was. He was only 31-years-old. I’ll miss you dear friend, my brother from another

Big Boy Chill

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