According to a media release from Kayla Vincent, a Texas man was arrested on the morning of May 10, after Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies were contacted by two homes off East Lincoln Road in Lake Charles in reference to someone trespassing. 

The suspect, Christopher C. Ocasio, 29, of Edinburg, Texas, emitted a strong odor of alcohol. Deputies said his speech was slurred and he had blood-shot eyes. After further investigation into the reports of Ocasio trespassing, they located a Camaro submerged in a ditch near the homes who reported him. Ocasio told deputies the car belonged to him, where they found the keys during a search of his pockets.

After questioning, Ocasio told deputies "he had been drinking at a bar and when he left he allowed someone else to drive his car, at which time that person wrecked it". After deputies didn't locate anyone else in the area and Ocasio couldn't give them the name of the person he let drive his car, he was arrested and transported to CPSO for a standard field sobriety test, which he refused, said the media release.

Ocasio, who has 3 prior DWI arrests in the last 10 years, also refused a breath intoxilyzer test. A warrant to have his blood drawn for a toxicology report was obtained, and he was then transported to a local hospital where a blood sample was taken. He was then transported back to CPSO and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with DWI 4th; 2 counts of criminal trespassing; and careless operation.

Christopher C. Ocasio was released on May 12 on a $51,250 bond.

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