While several Hip-Hip artists are putting the final touches on their next album, the mixtape side of things are still on and popping.  Without the mixtape some artists would've never made it.


Speaking of which get the run down on who's dropping what and when.  It's all in today's Wire.  Scroll down and press play to get the scoop, skinny, mess and drama now.  Meanwhile, it's more fall-out from the bottle throwing brawl at club W.I.P with Chris and Drake or should I say their entourages.  As we learn more and more, it looks as if Chris and Drake never touched one another.  It was both their entourages that got things poppin.  Nine times outta ten, had they been by themselves none of this would have happened.  However, when you got somebody in your ear eagin you on, bad things can happen.

Nobody looks for the entourage to pay the tab, if someone is going to sue they go after the "cash cow" and that is Chris Brown and Drake.   Before the end of the day, unfortunately they will probably pay dearly because it's gonna be "lawsuit city" in a few.  My point, another club goer is looking to get paid for her damages and injuries.  Get the latest now.

Plus, we send our heartfelt condolences out to the family and friends of Yvette Wilson who died last Thursday.  Yvette was best known for her role in Moesha.  Shockingly enough, Rodney King passed this weekend as well.  Get all the details now with Tha Wire, press play: 


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