Can I just be real for a minute? When it comes to the whole Monique, Lee Daniels and 'Empire' fiasco, I couldn't believe it. First of all I have to admit I am a fan of Monique, but I was not at all convinced that she was offered the role first of "Cookie". I really didn't see her playing that role especially after seeing Taraji P Henson that role, she killed it.


Then I saw the special that she did with Roland Martin where she basically was classy about it, but exposed movie director Lee Daniels. She had worked with him previously in titles like "Shadowboxer" and of course "Precious". This movie gave her the push to elevate her into what many thought would be the boost that she needed into movies.


After watching the interview about her conversation with him where he told her she didn't play the game. The question marks started to arise. There had been several rumors about Monique being labeled difficult, especially when it came to her husband and their business practices. Then she dropped the bomb and said that she was offered the role of Cookie from 'Empire'. This show took over television and has been one of Fox TV's biggest rated shows ever. So I took it as her possibly just wanting to be apart of the winning team. Her career hasn't been stellar lately and it's easy to assume that she was a little bitter. Well now comes proof that maybe she wasn't lying and that she could actually have some evidence that Lee did offer her the part first.


Check out the interview of her talking with Sway in the morning and bringing the emails of the conversation.

Well she has shown plenty of validation to me. I totally understand her point of view and have to admit that I agree with her entirely that your name is all that you have. Unfortunately when those above you are in the lime light and have the mic first, they can paint a totally different picture of you then you want. Monique has got more things to come so be on the lookout for upcoming movies and more from the diva.