Pack-up the family up and get ready for another exciting year at Moody Gardens Galveston, TX.  Every year the five star resort features an new exhibit for all ages to enjoy.  This year Moody Gardens Galveston, TX. and National Geographic present Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah. Come see real life pirate treasure and artifacts.

Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images
Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images

This year,  Moody Gardens Galveston, TX teams up with National Geographic Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah.  Come and discover real life artifacts and treasure from the ONLY pirate ship wreck discovered in the U.S.  The Whydah sailed 300 years ago and among the pirates on board, a 3rd of the crew were freed slaves.  In 1717 it wrecked, but it wasn't found until 1984.

Listen as  Jerri Hamack, Moody Gardens PR and her assistant Sydney, plus one of the men who discovered the Whydah  talk about the exciting new exhibit.

The Whydah  was one of the most technologically advanced vessels of her day. Originally, it was built and launched as a slave ship.  However, it would never transport a single slave as it was captured by legendary pirate Sam Bellamy and his crew on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic.  It would later become the flagship of Bellamy’s pirate fleets, leading raids throughout Caribbean and the Atlantic coastline.

In 1717, a perfect storm sank the Whydah and sadly with most of her crew aboard.  It's said the ship went down with more than 6 tons of gold and silver— bounty from captured from more than 50 ships.  Almost 300 years later and 15 feet below the ocean, underwater explorer Barry Clifford and his team managed to locate the wreck of the Whydah.  Through their painstaking work, they continue to unearthed her treasures.  Now thanks to Moody Gardens and National Geographic, you get the see the hundreds of artifacts Clifford and his team have unearthed thus far.

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Whether it's Spring Break, summer or winter, Moody Gardens Galveston, TX. is open year round and always has something fun and new to discover.  For ticket info, directions and more click here.

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