Fresh off the press McNeese State University announced this morning (March 16, 2017,) the Polks will host the Southern University Jaguars in 2019.  Ironically, this will only be the second time the two schools met up.  Back in 2004 McNeese got a chance to play the HBCU in Jaguar Stadium, but fell 35-18.  We'll just chalk that "L" up to Southern's home field advantage.  However, that was 13-years ago.

This time around you can bet the Polks are gonna be looking for some sweet redemption and there's no better place to get it, then in Cowboy Stadium.  According to MSU's Athletic Director, Matt Bonnette, confirmed the two universities signed the paperwork and closed the deal for the 2019 play-date early this morning.  So not only is it official, it's goin' down! The big game is guaranteed to draw big crowds from both sides, and that means more revenue for MSU.  Outside of great ticket and concession sales, inner-state ball games like this also generate more excitement for local universities across the state.

Save the date!  McNeese State University will play Southern University in Cowboy Stadium Saturday, August 31st, 2019.


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