Today in Tha Wire, MTV's My Super Sweet 16' returns with Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter in the season premier, and we'll look at the "White Out" in music.


Lil Wayne and his daugther Reginae Carter - Getty Images
Lil Wayne and his daugther Reginae Carter - Getty Images

AllHipHop News reports MTV is gearing up to celebrate the 10-year anniversary with the return of its My Super Sweet 16.  Who better to kick the show off with but Lil’ Wayne’s oldest daughter Reginae Carter.  Her Sweet 16 extravaganza actually took place last December, but MTV was there to catch the entire shindig on camera.

Reginae will be stuntin like her daddy in the season premiere February 16 at 6 p.m. Peep the trailer below.

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Popular music is whiter than it’s been in more than three decades, according to diversity data compiled by reports. The site found that the Billboard Hot 100 and the Grammy Awards reflect the reported 'white out' in music.

We all know Kanye West can trip, especially when it comes to award shows, but BET's saying he may be on to something.  While doing a brief interview with E!, Yeezy voiced his frustration about black artists being overlooked at award shows, like the Grammys, with rock artists like Beck winning over Beyonce for Album of The Year.

CNN reports Beck's "Morning Phase" was released in February 2014, and though it got strong reviews, it quickly disappeared from the charts. To be clear, Kanye was dead wrong walking on stage when Beck was accepting his award.  For that matter, Beck is a phenomenal artist, and whether you rock to his genre or not, his musical artistry is second-to-none.

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That said, he didn't deserve a Grammy for Album of The Year, because not one single from his album got mainstream radio play.  In contrast, just about every single on Beyonce's self-titled LP hit the top five on the charts, and just about the entire album is still getting radio play.

Without warning, Queen Bey dropped "Beyonce" December 2013, and it was the No. 2 top-selling record of the year.  So, we don't even need to compare album sales between the two LP's.  However, thanks to Kanye's stage-jackin' move, Beck's album sales have increased by 388% since the Grammys.

With the Grammys, for example, Black artists receive less nods in major categories: Record of the Year, Best Album, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

At this year’s award show Sam Smith swept most of the major Urban slots, including Best New Artist -- same thing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in all the Rap slots in 2014, before that the alternative group Fun and so on.  By the way, only four of the Best New Artists winners have not been white.

Based on the current Hot 100, it doesn't look any better for 2015 as Rihanna is the only Black artist in the Top 10 for the week.  Finally, the current No. 1 single on Billboard ritght now is the funk and R&B-inspired “Uptown Funk,” by English producer/musicians Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.  Things that make you say hmmmm.