MTV2 is planning a big throw down this weekend, honoring Hip-Hop history with a special night of programming that includes believe it or not a episode of “MTV2 Presents: Yo! MTV Raps Classic Cuts,” on Sunday.




The Hip-Hop special will be followed by the MTV News crowning the “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” and a “Sucker Free Countdown” that will name five “Sucker Free Certified” rising stars.  So, this is definitely a must see night.  The return of “Yo! MTV Raps” brings back one of Hip-Hop’s most-celebrated and influential music shows.  It was all we watched coming up!  Here's a lil something to take you back.



Here's some happy Yo MTV Raps moments with Tupac.  Those were the days!




Hosted by Sway Calloway, the 30-minute episode will document the era that helped shape and define Hip-Hop as the dominant music form that is today.  The “Hottest MCs In the Game VII,” also hosted by Sway Calloway, enlists the “Hottest MCs Hip-Hop Braintrust,” that will come together once again, to debate what MCs are making the greatest impact in Hip-Hop today.

Last year, Eminem was given the top spot on “Hottest MCs in the Game VI,” while Drake, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Waka Flocka Flame all made the top 10.  By the way, Nicki Minaj became the first female MC to ever earn a spot on the “Hottest” chart last year.

So, heads up, “MTV2 Presents: Yo! MTV Raps Classic Cuts,” airs on Sunday February 19th at 9 p.m.  Hottest MCs in the Game VII” will air right after at 9:30 p.m. and the “Sucker Free Countdown” will begin at 10 p.m.



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