Hip-Hop wouldn't be Hip-Hop without Nas.  He's one of the most prolific emcee's to pick up a mic.  Though the last couple of years haven't been the best, now he's saying "Life Is Good".



Learn more about Nas's upcoming album now.  Scroll down, press play and listen to Tha Wire.  In more "new" music news, Justin Beiber fans are about to get more than what they've bargained for.  Not only is he gearing up to embark on one of his biggest tours to date, NBC is going to air a one-hour special based on his new album, and he's got another hot single with Ludacris and his new album drops next week.  You guessed it, I got all the details.

Lastly, Hip-Hop and R&B are coming to the movies and DVD!  For starters Mary J Blige will grace the big screen along with Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and others on the 15th of this month in a new comedy.  Plus, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg will release their new comedy to DVD and Blue-ray this July.

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