Little Nelson is looking for a home to call his own.  He was found wondering down Nelson Road, which is how he got his name and it kinda suits him.  Find out more.



Nelson is a sweetie pie.  He was found walking down Nelson Road and is basically how he got his name.  He's about two years old and is full grown, so he's gonna remain a small guy.  He's got a lot of love to give though. Nelson listens pretty good and follows simple commands such as sit, down etc. In the video below learn more about Nelson and other dogs in need of adoption at Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue (LCPBR)

Nelson is also house trained, so he can fit into any home setting and he's wonderful with other animals and children. It's only $200 to adopt him and that fee comes with a microchip, a clean shot record and more.

As always it you can't adopt a dog right now, you can still help.   LCPBR can always use donations, as they are a non-profit, no-kill shelter and have a constant influx of new dogs. This is why foster parents are always needed.  The more space they have at the shelter, the more dogs they can rescue.  Foster parents pay nothing for the dogs they care for, not even their food.  LCPBR takes care of all of the dogs expenses the entire time the dog is with you.

If you don't have room to be a foster parent, but still wanna do something to help here's another way you can do so.  LCPBR can always use dog toys, dog food, shampoo, dog kennels, etc.  So any kind of supplies you can donate would be greatly appreciated.  Of course they always except monetary donations as well. For more details just go to LCPBR

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