Law enforcement has revealed a little more details surrounding the moments before and after Don Cornelius was found dead yesterday morning.  For starters there was no suicide note IF he even committed suicide.  They said that a investigation is underway, however they didn't reveal if an autopsy was ordered. 

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party - Arrivals

Meanwhile, the issue of who's gonna get his money has come up.  If reports are accurate, he had a couple of life insurance policies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and an unlikely source may get it all.  Press play for all the details.

The Dome 54 - Backstage Portraits

On a brighter note Tha Dogg Pound has dropped a new single!  Not only that but, they plan on releasing a new album sometime this year, so be on the look out.  Speaking of music, African Hip-Hop artist K'Naan has spoken out about Mitt Romney's use of his song "Wavin' Flag".  Romney used K'Naan's song after the Florida Republican Primary, without K'Naan's permission and he ain't happy about it.  He had some choice words for Romney, find out what they were now with Tha Wire.

Finally, if you've been wondering why you haven't seen the new Nicki Minaj video on BET or 106 & Park, I got the reason why.  Press play now and get all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire now:


nicki minaj video

As BET gives Nicki Minaj the cold shoulder, news of her tour rider has surfaced.  What's a tour rider?  Well, it's basically a list of needs and what's a artist asks or demands to have when they arrive at a venue to perform.  Some artists are worse than others, because if they're needs are not met....they will not go on stage or they tend to have temper tantrums.

At any rate, her rider doesn't appear to be to over the top.  In a recent interview with Wonderland Magazine, Nicki was happy to open up about her backstage demands and said that her biggest request is food.  Nicki's rider is as follows;  2 dozen pink or white roses, a silverware set, 2 space heaters, a humidifier, one gallon of Simply Lemonade, 12 cans of Red Bull, scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, strawberries, juices, a large fruit platter for breakfast, a cheese platter, and deli tray, spicy fried chicken no thighs and lots of wings.  Finally, she allegedly likes the back stage area to smell like something's baking, so she likes a lot of scented candles as well.  Whew.........that's all.



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