According to a sign posted in the empty lot at the intersection of Belden St. and Ryan St, there's an Exxon gas station coming soon to downtown Lake Charles. Could this be a glimmer of hope for the development of the empty lots along I-10? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Normally, I take the I-10 eastbound on-ramp from Lakeshore Drive to head home after leaving the radio station for the night, but due to a high volume of traffic on 1-10 a couple of weeks ago I decided to proceed along Lakeshore Drive where it turns in to Belden Street. After stopping at the traffic light, and to my surprise, I noticed a sign that read "Exxon Coming Soon".

Having another place to fill up your vehicle along the seemingly dead stretch of I-10 will be a great way to make drivers traveling through L.C. more at will to stop, especially if the establishment has later hours and doesn't look sketchy like other gas stations nearby that I won't name. It's also plus for me when I commute home after work, it will keep me from driving past my house just to fill up, as it will residents of Downtown Lake Charles.

Hopefully, there will eventually be more to offer tourists and residents like myself who live and work in the area. We need more restaurant options, as well as shopping along I-10 between the I-10 bridge and Enterprise Boulevard. It's what the City claims to be working toward. Until then, I guess my only option is to be patient and enjoy the view of stalled traffic on I-10 from the confines of the radio station conference room.

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