When was the last time you possibly had a situation with a police officer? You might have been driving and the lights came up behind you. You wanted to pull over, but you were alone and honestly afraid. You thought about using your phone but didn’t want to alarm the officer by doing too much interaction with your phone in your hand.

Well, it seems like Apple is one step ahead of you and working on something that could possibly be the change needed between civilians and the law. There is a feature called Shortcuts, launched in 2018. It allows users to conduct tasks that would normally require multiple actions with a single voice command through Siri.

Users can download the shortcut here, but you must make sure to have the Shortcuts app installed before use. In order to make it work, simply say "Hey Siri. I’m getting pulled over"."

The phone will pause any music playing and place the phone on Do Not Disturb. The phone will also send a message out to your person of contact that you set up in your phone, informing them you’ve been pulled over. The front camera then turns on and starts recording video of what is going on.

Once the recording finishes, it will send a copy to your person of contact and gives volume and brightness to the video. This is basically the equivalent of the body cam police officers use daily.

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