I guess if your a celebrity, a sign that "you have arrived" is owning your own alcohol beverage.  Just about all the rappers have one like, Ludacris, Diddy, Pitbull and more.  However, looking to change the game is R&B crooner, Neyo.


He's the latest celeb to venture into the biz as he joins forces with Malibu.  Press play and get the details of what he's calling "party in a bottle", plus get the latest on his new album and hat line.  To hear Tha Wire press play.

The latest celeb to break into the fashion industry is someone who's been keeping a low profile.  She looking to ad he own flavor to her dads clothing line and she gears up to take over as chairman of the popular line.  Find out who she is, better yet who her famous father is and what line is gonna get a facelift.


In other news, Jay-Z is always giving back and is a major contributor to the Save The Children foundation.  The foundation recently got a huge donation from Jigga, thanks to he and Kanye's video "Otis".  Get the exclusive details on how the charity received a big boast for their cause and what that had to do with a music video.

Also, Glee is gearing up to celebrate Whitney Houston and her music.  Snoop takes up part ownership in a new women's arena football league, plus Drake recently made a huge profit after selling a little relestate.  Get today's scoop, skinny, mess and drama now.  Press play to here Tha Wire: 



Dr. Dre and his legal team are going after an upcoming producer for using his approved trademark, claiming that it's to similar to his name.  The producer, Drew "DiamondDRE" Reyes received approval in trademarking the name back in April of 2007.  However, he didn't put the trademark to use until last year.

When he did, all hell broke loose and Dre's people were quick to contact his, and for all intend and purposes offered them a cease and desist out.  Dre and his camp threaten legal action is Drew didn't stop the use of the name, but Drew is fighting back.

Now, things may have backfired because a legal battle has ensued over whether or not Dre has any rights to the name in the first place.  Plus, he may have to prove that he has a trademark that would force Drew to stop using the name.



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