Paul Wall and his son are incredibly blessed to be alive today after surviving a serious car crash.

On Saturday (Nov. 24), the Houston native was on his way to a show in Austin, Texas. with his 12-year-old son Will, Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Lil Flip. It was his son's first time rolling with the squad, and everyone was pretty excited for him to ascend to an intern-like status. Upon arrival to the Nutty Brown Amphitheater, Wall noticed a white truck coming towards them and braced for impact.

After both cars were totaled, Wall believes it's a miracle that they were all able to climb out of the sprinter intact after it spun around and left broken glass and metal all over the vehicle. In an Instagram post uploaded on Sunday (Nov. 25), the "Somebody Lied" rapper told his 800K followers about the intense collision they were involved in, and said that his prayers for protection were answered.

"The fact that we were all able to walk away in tact is a miracle," he captioned a photo of the mangled whip he was riding in. "I just wanted to share it with u in case u needed a reminder that God answers prayers. My son and I prayed for traveling grace and protection, and God answered our prayers. Today my wife @cryswallbaby_bamf told me that when we got off the phone to tell her Will was coming with me- she had a vision of a car accident and immediately prayed for protection. God answered her prayers."

Thankfully, there are no injuries to report from Wall's camp. Check out Paul Wall's powerful story below.

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