While the tension of his battle with Joyner Lucas lingers, Tory Lanez finally dropped the official remix to his banger "Talk to Me" featuring Lil Wayne, DJ Stevie J and Rich The Kid. Yesterday (Nov. 25), the Toronto rapper released the highly-anticipated remix that he's been teasing for quite some time. As Stevie J comes through with his adlibs, Tha Carter V rapper goes off over the banger produced by Smash David and Rekless.

"Got your dawgs runnin,' heart pumpin’ and your skull jumpin,'" Wayne raps. "You gon' fall for me, you gon’ cut a bitch and brawl for me/Whole bunch of missed calls from me, that's withdrawal, honey/Let that nigga give you more money it won't solve nothin'/I take you shopping in all countries, buy your dog somethin.'"

Meanwhile, the Love Me Now rapper comes through with a brand new verse before Rich The Kid closes out the banger.

"I got a key right by the brick, I got a chick, her name Christina," Tory raps. "Know who to meet when I need a new two seater, two new deep/Know who to greet when I need a brand weed, it's two new reefers/Know who to see when I need some brand new freaks, it's two new skeezers right there."

The song dropped just hours after Tory Lanez challenged Pusha-T to a rap battle. Hype off the melee with Joyner Lucas (and now Mysonne), Lanez hopped on Instagram Live and said that he wanted to go against the real spittas. Then once a fan brought up Pusha-T, he said he could easily take on the Daytona rapper in a battle.

“Ain’t none of these niggas humbling me down, my nigga,” Tory said. “I’m not even cocky, I just believe at the end of the day, ain’t no nigga fucking with me period. And that’s how I’m supposed to feel. So, let Pusha-T know…and if Pusha-T don’t want it and he can’t respond, y’all just need to give me that nigga spot and wherever you solidify him in the hip-hop game. Wherever you solidify him, that’s the spot you need to give me until I take the next nigga spot that’s above him."

Before his feud with Pusha-T pops off, listen to Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne on the "Talk to Me" remix below.

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