With all the negative chatter over Beyonce's new single "Formation," it's well put together video and her follow-up Super Bowl half-time performance, PBS is gearing up to air a documentary on the Black Panther Party.  The timing is perfect as this is the 50th anniversary of the parties...formation.  Besides it's painfully obvious that many people don't know who or what they were about.  So maybe the documentary will help inform those who've only heard bad things about the revolutionary group.

Being un-informed can lead people to say and do stupid things.  For example; former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed Beyonce's performance seeing it as an “attack” on police.  Bad cops and a broken justice system yes, but bashing ALL police and law enforcement NO.  Another example; a protest group calling themselves, EventBriteclaims to have been offended by Bey and her dancers wearing Black Panther outfits.  When the significance of the song and performance was an outcry on injustice and a nod towards self love, Black pride and acknowledgement of the groups anniversary.

The original Black Panther Party was political, but in a good way and assembled to protect the citizens and families within Black communities...because no one else would.  If it wasn't for the rampant police brutality and racists terrorizing Black people and their neighborhoods in the 60's, there would of never been a need for the group to have ever existed.  Sadly as seen all over TV and the internet, some of these same crimes are still happening.

This is why the Panthers organized, took-up arms, educated themselves on our nations laws and stood their ground to protect Black people and families when our judicial system would not.  Though the original Black Panther Party meant well, a few broke away from the group, starting a militant and separate organization, which ultimately lead to the parties demise.

AllHipHop reports because many people are not fully aware of the history of the Panther Party. Filmmaker Stanley Nelson and PBS will explore the organization’s significance to American culture in the documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution airing Tuesday February 16th, 8 p.m. Central.

The doc will feature rare footage and various remarks from people directly connected to the revolutionary movement.  Plus Nelson includes commentary from Black Panthers who remain loyal to the party, white supporters, as well as statements from those who left the group and their reasons why.

Information is power.  Don't miss The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution and learn more about the Black Panther Party, civil rights movement and the struggle. Check your local listings for the cable or satellite station and times at pbs.org and view the trailer below for a sneak peak.