Yesterday I had the chance to meet and talk with the founders of The 337 Vote Project. The talented Breon Robinson and Kennedy Green came together for a common cause to create awareness and push the incentive of getting people out to vote. During our discussion yesterday, we talked about the importance of voting. I also asked them about the rights of convicted felons on voting.

These ladies were truly informative and gave hope to the younger generation of people who want to make a difference in the way the government is set. They stressed the importance of voting to have someone who will be compassionate, but firm with their stance. There is a new way of looking at politics and if the people we place in office arent working for the right cause. We need to make sure they hear us when they are looking for reelection.

This Saturday The 337 Vote Project will have their second Pedal 2 The Poll event beginning at 11 am at Drew Park. The ride will convene at the courthouse where everyone is encouraged to cast their early vote on November 6. Immediately following the ride, there will be refreshments and great food for a moment of fellowship with others.

You are encouraged to bring your own bike, but there will be some available for rental if you don't have one provided by Biking Through The Lake L.L.C. The event is will also uphold social distancing requirements for the safety of all involved. Get more details here.


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