Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting Aaron Mulligan, commonly known as Director Fresh. I heard about a short film that he was directing and thought that it would be great to have him come in and talk about the movie.

The movie is titled The Kickback and features plenty of talented actors and actresses from right here in Lake Charles. He had an open screening last week at Walk On's, and I don't even believe he was ready for the turn out for the event. After the viewing, he told everyone that the movie would be released and available for everyone to watch. Well, here is the official movie in its entirety. Check it out.

Here is the interview where we talked about his start and the inspiration for The Kickback. Big Shouts out to Lee Grogan for filming the interview and taking some great pictures afterward.

Peep out my interview with him a few days before the viewing in Lake Charles.

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