When it comes to having a formula for pulling viewers to the movies and showing out in groups. There are not many people who have it down like Tyler Perry. He has released well over a dozen films and is no where close to slowing down anytime soon. Last year he had one of his biggest debuts ever with the movie Boo! A Madea Halloween. The movie grossed well over $70 million dollars domestically with a $20 million dollar budget.

There was a lot of flack from non supporters and others who just had to have things to gripe about. But what it did do was show that he is a money maker and this is what the big movie companies look for. That is why this fall he is getting ready to do it again with the release of Boo 2!, He brought back a lot of the same characters and of course the trailer has been released. It appears that we will once again be at the edge of our seats in laughter for another box office smash.

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween:

I am sure that it will be coming out this October and we will see his stock go up even more pulling off two back to back successful movies. You can say what you want about Tyler and agree or disagree but he knows how to work it. He's got plenty of successful shows on television and really knows how to put great actors into position to be even bigger. Be on the lookout for the release date to be dropped soon.


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