After staying silent for months while Senators on Capital Hill battled over an emergency stimulus package for Americans, POTUS says he will veto the bill. Mind you, Nancy Pelosi had been pushing for at least $2,000 per person, with some sort of monthly payment set-up to help people pay/catch-up on bills and stay in their homes.

Trump had nothing to do with negotiations and offered no marker on what he would or would not approve once a bill hit his desk. Finally, House Republicans and Democrats have finally struck a deal everyone can deal with and the POTUS says no. Last night, out of nowhere the President announced the $600 stimulus, his party approved, was not enough. In a shocking turn of events Trump is on the same side as the Democrats? Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been adamant that Americans need at least $1,200 to $2,000 to get back on their feet. The two Democrats and their colleagues argued Americans need more than one check as well.

However, with the holidays in full swing and the fear of a government shutdown all House members compromised to pass a lesser bill for now. Everything appeared to be a go until last night, when Trump did a new conference announcing he would not sign the bill!

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