While he doesn't get his proper due. I feel like Gary Owen is a comedian who has been able to transcend years of the ups and downs of Hollywood. He has had his share of the spotlight whether it was negative or positive, but he has been able to make it and stay relevant as ever.

A few days ago 6ix9ine was on The Breakfast Club and had one of the most popular interviews ever for The Breakfast Club. Of course with Gary not being one who would hold his tongue or miss an opportunity. He came clutch in only the way he could and I think he nailed it.

I have missed several opportunities to see this guy live, but he is on my bucket list. Shouts out to Gary for coming through and bringing the funny as always. He was able to lighten the mood after everyone was so tense after the 6ix9ine interview. I am hoping that he will calm down and get himself together soon. He has the potential to really bring the flavor, but only time will tell.

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