Rapper Plies can't seem to put the bottle down, and it got him in trouble with cops on Tuesday morning, January 17, when he was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

According to AllHipHop, Plies made a promise over the weekend to quit drinking, and a day later he failed after posting the following:

“I’m going to go and share something with y’all. I ain’t drinking no motherf***ing more. I ain’t. I ain’t drinking no motherf***ing more. I’m getting too motherf***ing young for this s**t, oh man,” said Plies. “It’s all of my motherf##king friend who just sit there and just motherf***ing let me get this motherf***ing drunk. Y’all ain’t s**t. Ain’t none of y’all s**t, because y’all know when I get that motherf***ing look in me… I ain’t drinking no motherf***ing more.”

Plies was pulled over in Hillsborough County, Florida after he reportedly "messed up behind the wheel," said TMZ. Cops arrested the rapper for "suspicion of driving under the influence." He was subsequently released on $500 bond Tuesday, January 17.

We pray the "Ritz Carlton" rapper seeks help for what seems to have become an addiction.

Drinking and driving is never the smart thing to do. You not only endanger your own life, but you also endanger the lives of unsuspecting drivers who are on the same road as you.


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