Rapper Plies sat down with the folks at Complex, where he explained why he isn’t worried about Young Thug’s threats to “slap the s**t out of him.”

According to the “Ritz Carlton” rapper “I don’t f*** with lower tier artist,” basically stating that Young Thug’s meager number of albums sales makes him null and void. Plies went on to tell the interviewer “Don’t you go back and forth with a muthaf***a who ain’t on your level.”

The issues between the two southern rappers stemmed from Plies posting a video of Thug’s daughter on his Instagram back in September 2015, where the little girl was using profanity. Plies said in regards to the video “A million people posted that s**t.” Young Thug apparently didn’t take into account that Plies had no idea the little girl in the video was his daughter. After Thug issued threats, Plies stood his ground and let him know the video wasn’t coming down.

Plies is having a stellar year with the success of his latest single “Ritz Carlton,” and rap beef is certainly not on his menu as he hasn’t let the “Best Friend” rappers comments faze him.

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