In spite of this being President Barack Obama's final year in office, the POTUS is showing no signs of slowing down and says he's going to continue working hard for the American people. Even still, as reported by Yahoo News, the focus for many is who will succeed him.  At a town hall meeting Thursday (January 14, 2016) in Baton Rouge, President Obama rolled-up his sleeves and followed his tradition of getting out of Washington after giving a State of the Union address.

According to Yahoo News the White House said during his last year in office, the President wants to spend more time with real people.  So there may be plans in the works for many more town hall meetings throughout the year.  But what better place to hang out with "real people", than in Louisiana?

If you were among the many, who didn't get an opportunity to see or hear President Obama's speech, see the video below:

Before taking questions, the President congratulated newly elected governor John Bel Edwards for expanding Medicaid. Something Bobby Jindal refused to do because according to him, it would have cost to much.

President Obama said to the thousands who attended in Baton Rouge, "He's already delivering for the people of Louisiana."  Saying of Edwards' decision, "shows you why elections matter."

Urging Louisiana to support Edwards, President Obama said, "He's coming in a little like I came in ... got to clean up some stuff."  Edwards takes office facing a $700 million shortfall that Jindal leaves behind and an estimated $1.9 billion next year.

Thanks to the President's Affordable Health Care Act, states can use federal money to expand Medicaid and provide more coverage the working poor. Yahoo News reports, the federal government will continue to pay the full cost of the expansion through 2016, then gradually drop to 90% in 2020 and after.

So far thirty states, including the District of Columbia have accepted Washington's offer. However the more conservative states have not, which is something President Obama is hoping to change before leaving office.

According to reports the President's 2017 federal budget plan is going to ask Congress to provide full federal funding for the first three years.  The way it would work is, if states expand their programs before the end of the year or any year after, Washington would then pay 100% of Medicaid costs for the first three years.  President Obama's plan will go to Capitol Hill next month.