R&B singer Lil' Mo caught the wrath of Prince and his dedicated fans after throwing shade at him during the 2014 Essence Music Festival.

It started on Friday (July 4), when Lil' Mo was denied entry to the bathroom because the soul icon was making his way to the stage to perform. Despite having VIP Passes, New Orleans police forbid the 'Gangsta' singer to relieve her bladder and even pushed her in the stomach.

Angered by the incident, Mo went on Instagram and aired out Prince for being a diva.

"yall have NO idea how these celebs be actin. and I'm not gonna eem bother they ass. i had to pee I'm real life," she wrote. "I was pushed in my stomach cuz somebody was coming through. i just want to sing and take care of MY family. f--- all this EXTRA unnecessary s--- dawg."

According to Complex, Mo took it to the next level and accused Prince of not being able to hit his notes and having no songs on the radio.

Of course, Prince's fans caught wind of Lil Mo's shade and went ballistic on her with slander.

"Very tacky of you. If the security or police pushed you, go at them. Not the celebrity," wrote one commenter. "If you were on Prince's level, which you never will be, you could understand why he need extra security measures. You're always popping off and dissing the next celebrity, this has been going on for yrs. You're insecurities and misery is ridiculous."

Another follower commented, "Girl you will NEVER have the amount of fans, hit songs, or record sales as Prince. That's the problem with you wannabes you don't respect the people who paved the way. You will NEVER Ever compare to Prince."

Prince (or maybe a member of 3RDEYEGIRL) jump into the fray and allegedly tweeted a series of disses to Lil Mo, which were later deleted. But he did leave one subliminal diss for Lil Mo to think about.

It’s safe to say, don’t mess with the Purple One.

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