Ron Clark who is a principal for a well known charter school in Atlanta called Ron Clark Academy seems to really be taking on a hands on approach with his kids. While locally in the area I see Chuck Slugg doing a great job to include hip hop and use it to connect with the students. This is taking it to another level. Ron is known throughout the city and after this video made it's way online. I am sure that he is going be known throughout the world.

The video is based off the song from "Milly Rock" and it introduces all of the latest dances and Mr.Clark has obviously been working with these students to get these dances down to a science. Check out the video of the Principal and the kids going in.

Oh! But WAIT don't sleep on Mr. Ron Clark!!

Posted by Elicia Myrick on Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's always great to see when teacher and students can work together and really get the motivation for the youth. This guy should definately be nominated for Principal of the year as the old saying goes if you can't be them join them.

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