R. Kelly's former manager will turn himself in.

According to The Blast, James Mason is planning respond to the arrest warrant that was issued by police in Georgia's Henry County by giving himself up to police on Wednesday (Jan. 16).

According to the site, Mason is turning himself in after being accused of making terroristic threats to the father of one of Kelly's alleged victims. After Joycelyn's parents continued to question whether the relationship between their daughter and the "I Admit" singer was consensual, Mason allegedly responded by making death threats towards her father, Timothy.

“I’m gonna do harm to you and your family," Mason reportedly told Joycelyn's father. "When I see you I’m gonna get you, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Although he's the second member of Kelly's management team to reach out to the Savage family, their attorney Gerald Griggs confirms the family was contacted by the District Attorney this week to decide if Mason would get bail once he heads to Henry County Jail for processing. Joycelyn's parents agreed to the bond with several conditions. The Savages are looking into acquiring additional means of security, but the family wants a restraining order placed on Mason regardless to prevent him from contacting them.

Prior to Mason's arrest warrant, Kelly and his other manager Don Russell were both accused of threatening alleged victims from the explosive docuseries. After Russell reportedly threatened the Savages, the Kelly was also accused of attempting to silence Faith Rogers. Rodgers with her attorney Gloria Allred by her side, held a press conference earlier this week (Jan. 14) in New York to state her case before meeting with detectives.

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