When will we stop killing ourselves?  I mean really?  America has many major cities where crime is overwhelming authorities and city officials.  However the murder rate in Chicago is out of control.

Chief Keef-Youtube

Unfortunately, rapper Chief Keef's step brother is the latest murder to add to Chi-Towns swelling death tole.  Ulysses "Chris" Gissendanner III was the fourth up-and-coming teen rapper to be killed since September.

Something has got to be done about Chicago's horrific death rate. In the meantime for more details surrounding Keef's step brothers unprovoked murder, listen to Tha Wire below. Plus learn how Keef feels about the situation and more.

Oprah Winfrey-Getty Images

In the meantime, on a much brighter note, Oprah is gearing up for season two of two of popular shows that air on her OWN Network.  She caught the attention of millions with intense interviews with Jennifer Hudson and Bobby Kristina to her first interview with her ex-arch enemy 50 Cent.  Including the ratings winning interview with Rihanna in Barbados.

Season two looks like it's going to be just as exciting as O has lined-up of some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood to interview for "Oprah's Next Chapter" and "Oprah's Master Class".  Get the goods on who'll be stopping by below.

Rick Ross-Facebook

Finally, Rick Ross is still riding high on hits from his latest chart-topping album "God Forgives, I Don't".  Though he's the self proclaimed Bawse in music, he's trying to become one in Hollywood.  Rozay is gearing up for his first acting debut.  Find out when and on what TV series now.  Get all of today's juicy details by pressing play to hear Tha Wire: