R&B singer/actor Ray J is looking at 10 charges for his drunken behavior at a bar in Beverly Hills and Disney's Zendaya Coleman throws in the towel on Aaliyah biopic.

Ray J -photo by Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

May 30th this year, Ray J got himself in trouble after allegedly grabbing a woman’s behind at a bar in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Hollywood.  TMZ reports police were called to the scene, but reportedly determined the so-called groping was incidental.  Another words they were gonna give him a pass as long as he left the hotel.  But when they asked the 33-year old singer to keep it movin he allegedly became “belligerent”, which resulted in him being handcuffed.  From there it was a downhill.

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Finally, there’s been a lot of drama behind the scenes over the upcoming Lifetime biopic on the late songstress Aaliyah.  Originally Disney star and singer Zendaya Coleman was cast for the lead role in Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.  In spite of the high expectations, the young actress was ready to take on the important role and prove herself.

However, days after Coleman was announced as the lead actress, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson told TMZ that Aaliyah’s family wasn’t happy with Lifetime doing the biopic, mainly because the network refused to involve them.  Aaliyah’s family wasn’t pleased with Zendaya getting the lead role either and on top of that felt Aaliyah’s story is bigger than TV and should be theaters instead. So, Hankerson vowed the family would block any usage of Aaliyah’s music in the film.

(Photo by Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images For Nickelodeon)

Giving into the pressure, last month Zendaya Coleman gave up her role and last Friday (July 18th), Alexandra Shipp was announced as the new star.

In the meantime, Zendaya released a three part Instagram message to explain why she dropped-out.  The young star revealed she did not feel “morally okay moving forward with the production”.

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