This weekend, I went to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, and I am totally changed in so many ways on a personal level and more. I will say I didn't know what to expect when I went to Memphis for the weekend, but it was an eye-opening experience that truly made me grateful for my son and the life we have.

The event kicked off Friday, when we arrived to The Peabody Hotel and started with lunch. We eventually went on to visit the Hospital and had a tour that was amazing. As we walked around the hospital, there was no smell of medicine or the stereotypical smell that is in many hospitals around the world. The tour guide gave us very vital information about the start of the hospital with the vision of Danny Thomas and where it is today. Did you know that they spend $2.6 Million dollars a day to keep the hospital going including food, lodging and also the schools that are on the premises?

There were some tear-jerking moments during all of the various sessions, including speakers that included patients who are now adults as well as parents of children who passed away due to cancer. We are glad to form a partnership with St. Jude, and want to call on all of our family and listeners to help the families with not having to pay a bill by helping St. Jude continue to grow and treat kids all over the world.

The weekend included great music from Jekalyn Carr, Johnathan Reynolds, Anthony Hamilton, and The Barkays. I ask you to go to their site to donate if you can, and help out with what they are doing to help to find a cure for cancer. I want to thank everyone from Aysha to Andrea for bringing us out this weekend and showing us a great time.

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