I was speaking with my wife and we discussed how when you listen to the "I Have A Dream" speech, there are some things that could still be referred to from the speech. We still live in a world where racism still exists and there are not equal rights for all as some would want you to believe.

But listening to the "I Have A Dream" speech does give me hope and it has strong words that resonates for any young man of color that he does have the same opportunities, unfortunately we have a harder road to get there. Today would have been the 88th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a man of non violence and really gave very inspiring speeches to the masses during a time where African American men were brutally beaten, mistreated and some times killed for trying to march peacefully, drink water or trying to have dinner.

There is not one person who can change things overnight, but we can work together to educated those who are lost and try to make sure they are aware of the injustices and favoritism that we often have to deal with from our peers. Today is the day where students and some employees are off today and many partake in parades, cook outs or just take it as a day to relax. But we have to remember this man and we as parents have to make sure we do our duty to educate our kids on not only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Park and so many others who are pioneers of the freedom fighters and of injustice that we unfortunately still have to deal with on today. I still have hope and while there are many who are lost and some simply refuse to except that we all are equal and should have the same rights, privileges and opportunities of others.

Let's celebrate today with our families, loved ones and friends and discuss Dr. King and things that we deal with not only today, but what our parents, grand parents and ancestors dealt with in the past. That is truly the only way that we will be able to progress in the future.


Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr- "I Have A Dream":

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