Today is the national King Holiday that everyone looks to celebrate every year. This is the day where we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for all of the doors that he open with his peace movement. They don't make them like him anymore. He was a man who was able to set aside differences to work with other leaders and spoke on peach being the means to make things happen.


This video was made back in the 80's when they were trying to push for the legalization of a holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Til this day there has not been a more touching tribute to such a public figure as this song. The song was called "King Holiday" and featured so many greats like Whitney Houston, Kurtis Blow, New Edition, Menudo, El Debarge, Tina Marie and so many more.


Everytime I hear Whitney's part it sends chills through my body. This was a song that came out around 86 which means I was about thirteen when it came out. There is no doubt that I am not the only person who was touched by this song. Remember what today is all about and although we still have a long way to go. You have to admit that we have come quite a ways as well.

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