The City of Lake Charles and Team Green of Southwest Louisiana are continuing their Keep Greater Lake Charles Beautiful initiative, the annual Residential Trash Bash is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at Chennault International Airport. The Trash Bash provides a greener, healthier, and safer way for all residential customers to properly dispose of their garbage. It also keeps the community beautiful in the process, and it’s free!

Residents are encouraged to bring items like "electronic devices, products containing mercury including fluorescent light bulbs, confidential paper shredding, all battery types, antifreeze, clothing, sofas, motor oil, and paint – labeled recyclable and reusable latex paint, oil, miscellaneous household trash, and recyclable items including paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard,” said the media release.

Items NOT Accepted:

Chemical household waste
Scrap iron
Ammunition or explosives
Asbestos materials
Freon items
Medical waste
Propane Tanks

The order for loading disposable items into your vehicle or trailer should be as follows (from first to last): paint; reusable items (clothing, sofas, and etc.); electronics; trash; all battery types; oil and antifreeze; mercury; and confidential papers (shredding). Paint should be the first item loaded to residents vehicles or trailer, and the last to come off.

Call 491.1481 for more information, or email, and log onto

Directions to Trash Bash: Participants traveling east or west on J. Bennett Johnston Avenue will turn south onto Merganser St. and follow directions to the entry point and keep moving. Once there, they will be directed through the unloading stations. Parking is not allowed on Merganser St.

No pre-dumping or post-dumping is allowed.

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