Rick Ross got the worst birthday present ever this past Monday, as he almost lost his life in a drive-by shooting.


Theirs no doubt the rapper was getting a very serious warning.  Problem is, it may not be his last.  It's no secret that he's received several death threats in regard to him using the name of an alleged gang founder in his hit song "Blowing Money Fast".  There are several Youtube videos put out by alleged gang members telling Rick he will die unless he apologizes and cuts them a check.


Most recently, the rapper was forced to cancel shows in Alabama, Chicago and North Carolina after receiving death threats from the same alleged group.  Monday things came to a head and while driving down a Fort Lauderdale road, Rick Ross and his female passenger almost became the victims of a drive-by.  Of course no arrests have been made in the shooting and there are no suspects at this time.  In fact, the rapper has more than a few enemies, so the shooters may not of had any gang affiliation what so ever.  There's no guarantee that another attempt on his life wont happen again either.  Now, Rozay is hoping to be prepared if their happens to be a next time.  Get more details below with Tha Wire.


In other news, Lil Boosie is hoping to make a comeback when he gets out of jail.  The rapper as you know is currently serving a 8-year bid for smuggling drugs into two different prisons while awaiting sentencing for murder.  Luckily, Boosie Boo beat the murder charge and is hoping to get a early release from his current sentence.

While he waits, he did a brief interview with Spin and gave up some interesting details about his plans for the future.  Get the scoop on what Boosie had to say below.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in new York City, 9/7/00.-Getty

Finally, though most people knew Bobby Brown wasn't responsible for Whitney Houston's drug addiction.  Many of her fans blamed him anyway.  However, contrary to popular belief, it was Whitney that introduced Bobby to hardcore drugs.  The truth is, Whitney was using before she met Bobby.  Here's Whitney's brother with more details.

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